The first day at school

A metaphor about self-fulfilling prohecy

How we talk to ourselves, our inner child, effects our emotions and outcomes.

The horse in the field

A metaphor about the past not equaling the future

Are we ruled by self-limiting beliefs? What are they and do we even remember how we got them?

Netflix horror movies

A metaphor about movies and emotions

The movies we play in our mind result in the emotions we feel. Do you play horror movies?

Golden Nuggets

A metaphor on how see things and how we feel things

Can how we look at the events and backdrop of our lives affect how we feel?

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Hi, I’m The Sage and this my Page. Here are some of my thoughts in Metaphor form. Please comment whether good or bad. Argument is not about being right or more right, it is about challenging our own beliefs by considering those of others.

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