Quote of the Day: Invention

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” Plato 4th Century BC Athenian Plato was not only a philosopher but was also an influential authority on politics, ethics, logic, and mathematics. This quote struck me on how society changes at times of adversity. Although we view most quotes on a macro level, sometimes quotes can be impactiveContinue reading “Quote of the Day: Invention”

Quote of the Day: Wisdom

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.” Plato Plato was a 4th Century BC greek philosopher who had a long life, thought to have died at about the age of 80. He was a prolific writer and this site could be more than filled with hisContinue reading “Quote of the Day: Wisdom”

Is the will of the majority always right?

So we have referendums, polls, political votes, surveys, juries, committees, parliaments, and consumer groups. The majority view must prevail. We have traditions, practices, accepted beliefs, and ways of life. The status quo must prevail. But where does the truth lie and is the will of the majority always right? Socrates was an ancient Greek philosopherContinue reading “Is the will of the majority always right?”

Aristotle’s argument against democracy.

Aristotle’s argument against democracy – but was he right? Aristotle belived the best type of government was by monarchy, or, at the very least, by aristocracy. Democracy was not to be encouraged! To better understand this seemingly somewhat out-dated and extreme “right wing” view, we must look at his philosophical reasonings for his proposition. AristotleContinue reading “Aristotle’s argument against democracy.”