Thought of the Day: The Dark

We aren’t scared of the dark, we are scared of what’s in the dark. People may be scared of the dark for various reasons, including evolutionary, psychological, and cultural factors. From an evolutionary perspective, humans evolved to be diurnal creatures, meaning that we are active during the day and rest during the night. The darkContinue reading “Thought of the Day: The Dark”

Top 10 Quotes on Guilt?

Here are my top 10 quotes on guilt: 1. “Guilt is perhaps the most painful companion of death.” – Coco Chanel2. “Guilt is anger directed at ourselves – at what we did or did not do.” – Peter McWilliams3. “Guilt is a useless emotion. It never makes anyone feel better.” – Maya Angelou4. “Guilt isContinue reading “Top 10 Quotes on Guilt?”

This Day in History: March 23rd

Here are 10 significant things tha t happened on this day in history… 1. 1775: Patrick Henry delivered his famous speech with the quote “Give me liberty or give me death!” at St. John’s Church in Richmond, Virginia.2. 1801: Tsar Paul I of Russia is murdered in his bedroom by a group of conspirators ledContinue reading “This Day in History: March 23rd”

This Day in History: March 17th

Here are 10 significant things that happened on March 17th throughout history: It is traditionally believed that Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, died on March 17, 461 in Saul, Downpatrick, Ireland. Saint Patrick is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland and is known for using the shamrock to explain the concept of theContinue reading “This Day in History: March 17th”

Advice of the Day: Pulling Fingers

“Never pull dad’s finger when he tells you to!” The phrase “pull my finger” is often used as a prank or joke, where the person whose finger is being pulled passes gas, causing a humorous or embarrassing situation. In the UK, as in many other cultures, this is generally considered impolite or vulgar behavior, especiallyContinue reading “Advice of the Day: Pulling Fingers”