Christmas Countdown Post: Naughty Boys

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5 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown Post: Naughty Boys

  1. Looks like my son is one of the naughty ones so no presents for him from Santa! Seriously though, he is a lovely son when I get to see him. The original plans for him and the children to stay over much more often haven’t materialised yet – he’s having trouble selling his house. The market for house sales and purchases is awful at the moment. It’ll happen in good time, though, I expect.

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    1. Hi Ellie, does your son live close to you? My children are scattered in this country and abroad. From New York to Bognor Regis! I expect you will make a stocking for him at Christmas and make out its from Santa, that’s what we do as parents, right?!

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      1. Hi, Andrew. My son lives about 20 miles away from me, but I see him and my little ones (9 and 7) every few weeks. I think he’s a bit old for a stocking, but I’m sure if I asked him, he wouldn’t refuse! My daughter lives further away, about 45 miles, and I only see her about three times a year. I miss her and my two teenage granddaughters. Do you see much of your family at Christmas?

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      2. I have five children and 4 step children! I see my daughter (who will be 34 this christmas) every boxing day. It’s a tradition thing we have. I try to see all the others on Xmas Eve … with variable success!

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