Joke of the Day: Ambulances

What do you call a woman who sounds like an ambulance?


Why do ambulance drivers always have a partner with them?

They’re pair-a-medics.

My wife said she’d only marry me if I overcame my ambulance obsession.

I can’t wait to get down on one knee nor knee nor knee nor!

Earlier, I was driving behind an ambulance when a cooler fell off the back.

I stopped and opened it up to find a foot inside.

So I decided to call a toe-truck.

What do an ambulance and a yoga class have in common?

They both contain stretchers.

Why is an Ambulance slow?

Because it’s a Patient Transport.

What do you call an ambulance with a flat tire?

A flatulence.

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2 thoughts on “Joke of the Day: Ambulances

  1. … stretchers – and picture framers. Too pedantic and not adding more fun to the joke ? I thought so. As you were.

    Sun has just peeped over the horizon and I hear the mating call of the garbage truck in the street. Time to face another day in paradise (ahem … clears throat … looks like we are getting the next wave of Covid.. seems more infectious but less severe).

    Fortunately I’m about to complete my third year of working from home. I really like it. Commuting in Sydney is a tedious and a dreadful waste of time. I live about 4km from the centre of the city and the bus or the train takes about the same time as walking. Walking is more reliable. Bicycling should be fast but the traffic Is horrendous and I’m not prepared to risk getting killed to save 10 minutes.

    Working from home is so popular now, that people are quitting jobs working for organisations that insist that people come into the office for more than a day a week. Apart from saving time, it’s great to not have to pay for transport or worse, parking. And I no longer have to wear a suit or pay city prices for lunch or coffee.

    It’s odd – I work as a business analyst on contracts and I’ve not yet met either of my bosses face to face. It’s all Zoom or Teams. Christmas parties should be interesting !

    Got to get stuck into it. Hope we both have a good day.

    As usual, thanks for the laughs

    Kind regards, Mike



    1. Ah Mike, I feel for you! I have given up the commuting but I walk for an hour every morning … my views are of Weymouth coastline which is spectaculaly beautiful!

      I’ve had 4 Covid jabs now and have been positive once … New Yews Eve last year! Rather dampened the celebrations.

      I think virtual Christmas parties would suit me well, as long as I only have a virtual hangover the next morning.

      Thanks for popping by, perhaps I’ll join you after work for a pint in the Pig’s Arms.

      Best, as always, Andy

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