Thought of the Day: Crime

We will never be able to hear about the perfect crime.

The paradox that we will never be able to hear about the perfect crime is based on the assumption that if a crime is truly perfect, it will never be detected or solved. If no one knows about the crime, then there will be no reports or evidence of it to be heard or discovered.

This paradox arises because the very act of committing a crime creates evidence and witnesses that can be used to investigate and solve the crime. In other words, the more perfect the crime, the less likely it is that anyone will know about it, including the perpetrator themselves.

Furthermore, even if someone did manage to commit the perfect crime, they would not be able to share the details of their success with anyone else without risking being caught. This means that even if the perfect crime were committed, we would likely never hear about it.

Therefore, the paradox is that we can never know for sure if the perfect crime has been committed because if it was truly perfect, no one would ever find out about it.

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6 thoughts on “Thought of the Day: Crime

  1. A very interesting view of the perfect crime, Andrew. I hadn’t thought of it like that before, not that I intend to commit a crime of any sort, but I think if I was, reading your post might make me think twice!

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  2. This is very true and I think you need to consider ‘what is a crime?’
    Is it only the big ones or the small ones as well?
    Is it only the ones that can be charged in that country or region?
    What about those little things that people would not normally consider a crime?
    It is impossible to know how many crimes out there are untold, because the individuals involved are dead.

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      1. Our suffering or someone else’s? From what i have seen on the news there are 3 types of crime. Crimes of emotion, indifference or laziness. There are probably more but to me those 3 stand out and make me wonder about what motivated them to do this crime.


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