Thought of the Day: Stars

A star could burn out and we wouldn’t notice.

It is theoretically possible for a star to burn out and we wouldn’t notice. Stars are incredibly large and distant, and it can take light years for their light to reach us. If a star were to burn out suddenly, it would take many years for us to see any change in its brightness. In fact, it is possible that a star could burn out and we would never know it.

However, it is also possible that we would notice a star burning out. For example, if a star were to burn out suddenly, it could create a supernova explosion. Supernovae are incredibly bright and can be seen from billions of light-years away. If a supernova were to occur in our galaxy, it would be a very bright event that we would not be able to miss.

So, while it is possible for a star to burn out and we wouldn’t notice, it is also possible that we would. It all depends on the circumstances of the star’s death.

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2 thoughts on “Thought of the Day: Stars

  1. Interesting post, Andrew. I didn’t know this, although I did know that light from distant stars can take an awfully long time to get to us. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a supernova.

    Sorry for my absence from your blog recently. I’ve been in London fighting to spread the word to our government about the climate emergency, which I have been writing about a lot lately. So far, the government have not replied to our demands, which doesn’t surprise me, but it’s not good. As an organisation, we don’t intend to give up fighting for this.

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    1. I’ve been away from here for a week or 2 as well! That’s great what you are doing. A hero of mine, Tony Benn, said “We must expect far more demonstrations in the future and they must be seen as an integral part of political action in a democratic society. Without them, injustices would continue unchallenged and people would lose confidence in the democratic process by which such injustices are changed.” Keep the faith and keep the fight.

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