Netflix horror movies.

A metaphor about movies and emotions. Netflix horror movies. I’ve got this friend called Joe. He’s a real film fanatic, he streams movies nearly every night and watches all the latest releases. However, he hates scary movies, but this is the weird thing…. when he signs into Netflix, something strange happens! On the opening screenContinue reading “Netflix horror movies.”

The first day at school.

A metaphor about self-fulfilling prophecy. The first day at school. A year ago, a young family moved next door to me with an adorable six year old child. Like all six year old boys, he doted on his parents and believed everything they said. He believed in the tooth fairy and Father Christmas. They had movedContinue reading “The first day at school.”

The horse in the field.

The horse in the field – A metaphor about the past not equaling the future. There was an old farmer who kept a horse in a field. It was a working farm but it wasn’t a working horse, the farmer had kept the horse for a long time for his children and grandchildren to ride.Continue reading “The horse in the field.”