Netflix horror movies.

A metaphor about movies and emotions.

Netflix horror movies.

I’ve got this friend called Joe. He’s a real film fanatic, he streams movies nearly every night and watches all the latest releases. However, he hates scary movies, but this is the weird thing…. when he signs into Netflix, something strange happens! On the opening screen of Netflix are all the films he loves to watch – the bright, happy, action-packed movies. The ones with the happy endings. The ones that make him feel good.

But for some reason Joe feels compelled to scroll down past these movies and go to the end of the categories until he comes to where all the horror films are listed. Joe doesn’t want to watch these films as he knows they will upset him, and make him feel scared and sad. But each evening he ends up choosing one these films to stream…. his choice. He draws the curtains and lowers the lights to make it just that little bit more scary. He can hardly bare to watch the horror – yet he still does.

He goes home with dread most evenings knowing that he will play these scary films over and over again. And of course, the next morning he starts the day with a heavy heart and a feeling of dread. He never seems to learn. He forgets he can choose which films to play.

Fake news!

Our subconscoious mind is the mind of a 6 year old. It does not know the difference between what is real and what is not! That is the very reason why we watch films …. when we are playing a movie our subconscious views it as though it were really happening and tells our body how to respond. If it is a scary movie, the mind will instruct the body to produce a whole load of adrenaline to prepare us for fight or flight! But hey, this is just a movie – it is FAKE NEWS!

Our subconscious also views all our experiences, whether memories from the past, or musing of what is yet to come, as movies. Real life is documentary, and the future imagined is fantasy. When we imagine what will happen in the future, to prepare ourselves for what is to come, we naturally will play a movie in our mind. However, it is fake news as it has yet to happen. So play a bright and happy movie when you imagine what is to come and you will feel better for it – don’t be like Joe and get drawn in to the horror section!

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