Joke of the Day: Toilet Paper

During the recent toilet paper shortage, I had to resort to using a calendar to wipe with…

I’m glad those days are behind me now.

In our house, we always fight over the right way round to hang the toilet paper, so my therapist suggested we try the other person’s way for a week.

You know, roll reversal…

I feel very strongly about graffiti in toilet cubicles so I’ve signed a partition…

Went to an ABBA theme pub last night. The toilets were amazing…

What a loo!

I’ve just had a stack of toilet rolls fall on me in the supermarket!

I’m ok though, just soft tissue damage….

I once got struck by lightning while sitting on the toilet!

That was a real shock to the cistern…

I bought a toilet brush yesterday.

But I gotta say I still prefer toilet paper.

My dad makes plastic letters for toilet doors…

He’s certainly got an I for the ladies.

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