Joke of the Day: Supernatural

A wizard asked me to proofread one of his scrolls last week.

Actually, it was more of a spell check.

My house is being haunted by the ghost of a dead chicken.

It’s a poultrygeist.

I’ve just found out my wife is really a ghost.

To be honest, I had my suspicions from the moment she walked through the door…

The Medusa once asked me to do a comedy gig for her victims…

They were a hard crowd.

Disappointed to fail my psychic exam.

Didn’t see that coming.

Got stuck in a queue behind Satan looking for mortgages.

Took ages, for the devil takes many forms.

Went to see a psychic and he was in a bad mood, then I saw a clairvoyant who was rather grumpy…

I’m just trying to find a happy medium?

Thank you for reading my writings. If you’d like to, you can buy me a coffee for just £1 and I will think of you while writing my next post! Just hit the link below…. (thanks in advance)

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