Joke of the Day: Success

I’ve just successfully bred a cross between a crocodile and a homing pigeon.

I bet that’ll come back to bite me…

My mate needed a bone marrow transplant.

We found a match in Argentina.

The operation was a success.

Our thanks go out to Diego Marrow Donor.

I started carrying a knife after an attempted mugging a few years ago.

Now I’m a lot more successful.

Engineers have successfully made a car that can run on parsley.

They are now attempting to make trains that can run on thyme…

Created a totally new flavour of crisp.

If it’s successful, I’ll make a packet.

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2 thoughts on “Joke of the Day: Success

  1. Oh, I just love the one about the car that runs on parsley! Brilliant! Trains running on time (or thyme) is very apt for the UK currently because of all the rail strikes. Nothing is running on time or running at all half the time at the moment.

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