The Sage and the Orchestra

With a wave of his hand, The Sage began
An orchestra at his command
Each note in harmony, each sound so grand
His wisdom and skill, truly a wonder to behold

With a nod of his head, the violins played
Their melodies, soft and sweet, never to fade
The cellos, so rich, the basses, so bold
The Sage led them all, his story to unfold

The flutes sang high, the horns sang low
The drums beat on, the music began to flow
The Sage, so wise, knew just when to slow
His symphony, a masterpiece, for all to know

The crowd was in awe, as the sage conducted
His wisdom and skill, never to be outdone
The music, so pure, the notes, so perfectly connected
The Sage, a true artist, his work, never to be rejected.

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