The Sage x-rays his cat

In his little hut, The Old Sage sat,With his faithful feline, a plump and lazy cat,He gazed at her with his wise old eyes,And pondered upon her inner guise. The cat purred contentedly on his lap,As The Sage stroked her fur with a gentle tap,He wondered what secrets lay within,What mysteries hid beneath her skin.Continue reading “The Sage x-rays his cat”

The Sage and the Mouse

There was an old Sage so wise,Who had a friend of a small size,A little mouse, with eyes so bright,Who visited him every night. The Sage would share his cheese,And the mouse would nibble with ease,They’d sit together, side by side,And enjoy the cheese with great pride. The Sage would tell the mouse his tales,OfContinue reading “The Sage and the Mouse”

The Sage and the Polar Bear

There once was a wise old SageWhose wisdom knew no ageHe roamed the land, so free and wildHis knowledge great, his nature mild One day, he met a polar bearWhose strength, he couldn’t compareThe bear challenged him to a raceAcross the ice, at a rapid pace The Sage smiled and took the betHe knew he’dContinue reading “The Sage and the Polar Bear”

The Sage and the Lightning

Once there was a wise old SageWhose knowledge filled the pageHe roamed the earth, far and wideHis words of wisdom, never denied One stormy night, he stood so stillWith hands outstretched, atop a hillHe caught the lightning from the skyIts power, he harnessed with a sigh With his mind so sharp, and heart so trueHeContinue reading “The Sage and the Lightning”