The Sage and the Snowman

A wise old Sage, with hair of grey,
Once met a snowman on a winter’s day.
With twinkling eyes and a smile so kind,
He asked the snowman, “What’s on your mind?”

The snowman said, “I’m feeling cold,
And my nose is looking rather old.
I wish that I could be like you,
Warm and wise, and full of virtue.”

The Sage replied, “My dear snow friend,
You need not worry ’til the very end.
For wisdom comes in many forms,
And even snowmen have their norms.”

“Embrace the cold and all its might,
For it’s in winter’s darkest night
That we learn to shine just like the sun,
And that, my dear, is where true wisdom’s begun.”

The snowman smiled, and with a nod,
He realized he was not a dud.
For in his own unique way,
He too could shine, every single day.

The Sage and snowman parted ways,
But the lesson of The Sage will always stay
With the snowman, now wise and bold,
A story that will forever be told.

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2 thoughts on “The Sage and the Snowman

  1. Another lovely poem of yours, Andrew. I really enjoy and appreciate your newfound poetry skills. Where have you been hiding your ability to write poetry, or have you had it hidden away somewhere? It’s wonderful, and I love, love, love the images of the old Sage, too 😊..

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