The Sage gives a Policeman a Piggyback

A wise old Sage gave a piggybackTo a British policeman in a sackHe carried him away with a smileFor mile after mile after mile The policeman was feeling quite perplexedWho was this Sage, he had to guessBut he soon found out The Sage was wiseAnd his strength, he did not despise The policeman was nowContinue reading “The Sage gives a Policeman a Piggyback”

The Sage and the Lion

A wise old Sage in white robes stood,With lion fierce beside him, good.He tamed the beast with gentle hand,And wisdom to which understand. With words of peace and calm control,He guided lion’s heart and soul.No longer fierce and filled with rage,The lion now was calm and sage. Together they walked through the land,A bond betweenContinue reading “The Sage and the Lion”

The Sage and the Double Decker Bus

The wise old Sage with hair so whiteRepaired the engine of a red bus so brightWith robes as white as driven snowHe worked with skill and steady flow The gears and parts were old and wornBut with his wisdom, they were rebornHe tinkered and he tweaked with careEnsuring the bus was in top repair TheContinue reading “The Sage and the Double Decker Bus”

The Sage builds a House

A wise old Sage with wrinkles deep,Built his house with hands so strong,With wisdom born of many years,He crafted walls that were wide and long. He laid the foundation, firm and true,And raised the roof with skill and care,For in his home he sought to find,A haven from life’s troubles to repair. He sang aContinue reading “The Sage builds a House”

The Sage sweeps the Chimney

A wise old Sage with hair so white,In robes as pure as morning light,Swept his chimney day and night,To keep his hearth alight and bright. With eyes that shone like shining stars,He tended to his home with care,For in its warmth and light and cheer,He found contentment waiting there. He swept the chimney with aContinue reading “The Sage sweeps the Chimney”

The Sage and the Birthday Cake

A wise old Sage with wrinkles deep,Sat by a cake with candles lit,With gentle breath he blew them out,And shared the secrets of his wit. His eyes like jewels, sparkling bright,He spoke of life, love and fate,Of how to find true happiness,And how in life to navigate. He spoke of hope and peace and grace,AndContinue reading “The Sage and the Birthday Cake”

The Sage and The Wrestling Monkey

A wise old man, with wisdom sage,once met a monkey in a wrestling cage.The monkey fierce, and muscle bound,was ready for the fight, to astound. The Sage approached him with a smile,“Monkey, why do you grapple and pile?Is it for fame, or wealth, the wish to devour?Or is there something else you empower?” The monkeyContinue reading “The Sage and The Wrestling Monkey”