The Sage and the Trapeze

A wise old Sage in white robes stood
Beneath the circus big top, so good
He looked up high and saw the trapeze
And knew that’s where his wisdom would please

With steady steps, he climbed the rope
His robes a-flutter, not a hope
He reached the platform, took a breath
And launched himself, with all his strength

He flew through the air with ease
His movements smooth and full of peace
He swung and flipped, with such control
The crowd below, watched in awe, as he’d roll

He landed on the platform with grace
His mind at ease, his soul in place
He knew the secrets of the swing
And shared to all, everything

For in the fly, he found the thrill
That comes with taking chances, to fulfil
And so The Sage in white robes knew
The trapeze was where his wisdom flew.

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