The Sage and the Dodgem Car

A wise old Sage, with wrinkles deep
Rode in a dodgem car, with wheels to keep
In a fairground bright, with sights to see
He navigated, with mastery

With every turn, his wisdom shone
And tales of old, and times now gone
Of life’s twists and turns,
Of lessons that one must earn

The dodgem car, his trusty ride
Whizzing round, with great pride
Through crowds of people, young and old
With each new lap, his story’s told

Together they weaved, The Sage and his car
Through the fairground, not too far
With every bump, they left a trace
Of wisdom and wit, all over the place

The wise old Sage, with tales to share
Rode in a dodgem car, without a care
Around the fairground, he’d glide and weave
With skill and grace, in every move he’d achieve

He’d tell of times, when life was young
Of love, and hope, and tales undone
Of lessons learned, in the school of life
And how to find, the joy and strife

The dodgem car, his trusty ride
Carried him, with speed and pride
Through the fairground, he’d bump and spin
With every ride, a new tale to begin

He’d weave and dodge, with such finesse
His opponents, he’d leave impressed
With wisdom shared, in every round
And tales of life, that astound

The wise old Sage and his dodgem car
A sight to see, a true, wise star
He’ll leave you laughing, and free from strife
With every ride, a new chapter in life.

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6 thoughts on “The Sage and the Dodgem Car

  1. A wonderful poem, Andrew. A great read. I love that last verse, especially the last line, ‘With every ride, a new chapter in life.’ How lovely to ride in a dodgem car (something I haven’t done in decades!) and then arrive at a new, fresh part of life. A bit like riding in a spaceship and landing on the moon for a new adventure. Perhaps, your Sage could take a trip to the moon or maybe, Mars! 😊.

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