The Sage and the Birthday Cake

A wise old Sage with wrinkles deep,
Sat by a cake with candles lit,
With gentle breath he blew them out,
And shared the secrets of his wit.

His eyes like jewels, sparkling bright,
He spoke of life, love and fate,
Of how to find true happiness,
And how in life to navigate.

He spoke of hope and peace and grace,
And how to hold them in our heart,
Of how to let go of our fears,
And make a fresh and brand new start.

The candles flickered, danced and died,
But in their place, a light still blinding,
For in The Sage’s words we found,
A path that forever will be winding.

So blow out the candles, old and wise,
And make a wish upon this night,
For in The Sage’s words we find,
The guidance to make things right.

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