The Sage builds a House

A wise old Sage with wrinkles deep,
Built his house with hands so strong,
With wisdom born of many years,
He crafted walls that were wide and long.

He laid the foundation, firm and true,
And raised the roof with skill and care,
For in his home he sought to find,
A haven from life’s troubles to repair.

He sang a song of ancient rhyme,
As he placed each brick with care,
Of how to live a life of peace,
And how to make our troubles rare.

With eyes that shone like shining stars,
He built his home with care and pride,
For in its warmth and light and cheer,
He found his spirit could reside.

So build your house, old and wise,
And sing a song of ancient rhyme,
For in The Sage’s words we find,
The secrets of a life sublime.

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