This Day in History: March 25th

Here is a list of 10 significant events that occurred on March 25th in history:

  1. 421 – Venice is founded on the northeastern coast of Italy.
  2. 1306 – Robert the Bruce becomes the King of Scotland.
  3. 1634 – The first settlers arrive in Maryland in the United States, which becomes the fourth English colony in North America.
  4. 1807 – The British Parliament abolishes the slave trade throughout the British Empire.
  5. 1911 – The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City kills 146 garment workers.
  6. 1949 – The treaty establishing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is signed by the United States and 11 other countries.
  7. 1965 – The first United States combat troops arrive in Vietnam.
  8. 1975 – King Faisal of Saudi Arabia is assassinated by his nephew.
  9. 1988 – The Candle Demonstration in Seoul, South Korea, is held to protest against the authoritarian government, leading to the beginning of the end of military rule in the country.
  10. 2014 – The World Health Organization reports that the Ebola virus has killed over 60 people in Guinea, marking the beginning of the worst Ebola outbreak in history.

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