Thought of the Day: The Dark

We aren’t scared of the dark, we are scared of what’s in the dark.

People may be scared of the dark for various reasons, including evolutionary, psychological, and cultural factors.

From an evolutionary perspective, humans evolved to be diurnal creatures, meaning that we are active during the day and rest during the night. The dark may have been associated with danger and potential predators that could harm early humans, making it natural for us to be wary and cautious in the absence of light.

Psychologically, the fear of the dark may stem from a lack of control or knowledge about what is in the environment. When we can’t see our surroundings clearly, we may feel vulnerable and helpless, which can trigger anxiety and fear.

Cultural factors may also play a role in shaping our fear of the dark. In many cultures, darkness is associated with death, evil spirits, and other supernatural entities that can be harmful or malevolent. Such beliefs and stories may have been passed down through generations, leading to a cultural association between darkness and fear.

It’s worth noting that not all people are scared of the dark, and some may even find comfort in it. Fear of the dark can be overcome with exposure therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, or other psychological interventions.

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2 thoughts on “Thought of the Day: The Dark

  1. When i am inside my house, i like the dark. Unless i need to make food, eat or do something that requires light.

    When i am on my porch, i like the dark as i get to see the stars that shine. Until i get bitten by mozzies then its a rush to get back inside.

    When i am camping, i am ok with the dark. Until i hear noises that make me think of drop bears.

    When i am in town, I don’t like the dark. I don’t feel safe to trust that whats in the dark will not hurt me.

    So to me the dark at home is safe, the dark in the bush is ok and the dark in town must be watched closely so i don’t miss something small that will threaten me.

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