The Sage x-rays his cat

In his little hut, The Old Sage sat,
With his faithful feline, a plump and lazy cat,
He gazed at her with his wise old eyes,
And pondered upon her inner guise.

The cat purred contentedly on his lap,
As The Sage stroked her fur with a gentle tap,
He wondered what secrets lay within,
What mysteries hid beneath her skin.

So he fetched his tools, an x-ray machine,
And peered at his cat, as if in a dream,
He studied her bones, her organs and more,
Seeking the knowledge he longed to explore.

The Sage was amazed at what he found,
Such complexity in his feline profound,
And he knew that his cat was much more,
Than just a pet to be adored.

For in her there lay a universe untold,
A wondrous mystery for him to behold,
And he thanked the heavens for this great chance,
To delve into the secrets of his feline’s stance.

So let us all learn from this Sage so wise,
And look beyond what meets the eyes,
For in all creatures, great and small,
Lies a world of wonder to enthrall.

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