Advice of the Day: Magnification

You can magnify your phone’s screen by putting it in a glass of water.

This advice comes with a tongue-in-cheek warning! Putting your phone in a glass of water is not good advice for magnifying the screen. In fact, it can be extremely damaging to your phone.

Submerging your phone in water can lead to significant water damage, causing malfunctions or rendering the device completely inoperable. Electronics and water do not mix well, and exposing your phone to water can result in irreversible damage to the internal components.

If you are looking to magnify your phone’s screen, there are much safer and more effective methods available. For example, you can use the built-in zoom feature on your phone or consider using external accessories like magnifying lenses or screen magnifiers designed specifically for smartphones.

Unless you have a waterproof phone of course!

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