The Sage and the Aeroplane

The wise old Sage, a master of the skies,
Flew in his plane with a twinkle in his eyes.
With a steady hand and a heart full of grace,
He soared above the clouds, a sight to embrace.

Through the winds and storms, he flew with ease,
Guided by the stars and the gentle breeze.
His wisdom and knowledge, as vast as the sea,
Helped him navigate the skies with such glee.

With the sun on his face and the wind in his hair,
He felt alive and free, without a care.
His journey was long, but his spirit was strong,
As he flew towards the horizon, where he belonged.

With a final salute and a smile on his face,
The wise old Sage landed in his home base.
His journey was over, but his tale would remain,
Of a wise old Sage, flying an aeroplane.

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