The Sage and the Tree

A wise old Sage in white robes stood
Beneath a tree, both tall and good
He looked up at the leaves so green
And pondered what he’d yet to glean

With steady steps, he climbed the bark
His robes a-flutter, not a hark
He reached the top and let out a sigh
For the view from up there, reached the sky

He sat and meditated there
With branches swaying, without a care
He found the answers he had sought
In the rustle of the leaves, he was taught

He climbed down from the tree with grace
His mind at ease, his soul in place
He knew the secrets of the tree
And shared them generously

For in the climb, he found the peace
That comes with reaching new heights, release
And so The Sage in white robes knew
The tree was where his wisdom grew.

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4 thoughts on “The Sage and the Tree

  1. A wonderful poem, Andrew. When I see your posts flag up in my notifications, I’m always keen to come over to read your work, which I love, and I admire the images you use for your poems about the Sage. Have a great day 😊.

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