The Sage and the Giraffe

A wise old Sage, with tales to share
Rode on a giraffe, without a care
Through deserts hot, and sands so dry
He journeyed on, beneath the sky

With every step, his wisdom grew
And stories old, he’d often spew
Of ancient kings, and battles fought
And lessons learned, that can’t be bought

The giraffe, his trusty steed
Carried him with speed
Through dunes that rose, and valleys deep
With each new day, a new adventure to reap

Together they roamed, The Sage and his ride
Through lands unknown, with mountains high and wide
With every step, they left a mark
On all they met, a heartfelt spark

Of wisdom, and tales to tell
That will live on, long after they dwell
The wise old Sage and his giraffe,
A sight to see, a true, wise laugh.

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4 thoughts on “The Sage and the Giraffe

  1. The imagery of the Sage sharing stories and wisdom while traveling through the deserts and mountains is evocative and inspiring. The use of the giraffe as the Sage’s mode of transportation adds a unique and interesting twist to the traditional image of a sage on a journey.

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  2. This is another brilliant and welcome poem about your Sage, Andrew. It paints such a vivid picture in my mind, albeit helped by the wonderful image you’ve used to illustrate your poem. May I ask whether you write the poetry first and then design the picture, or does the image give rise to the words? Either way, it’s very effective, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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    1. Thanks Ellie, so first I visualise a bizarre, unusual but uplifting concept and see if I can produce an image that in some way matches my mind. When im happy with the picture I do the words. A lot of the pictures are not quite how I first imagined them but if they make me smile I go with them. For me the pictures are more important than the words, that said the message can transcend the script if done a little tongue in cheek if that makes sense. I suppose it’s kinda how nursery rhymes work … metaphors and the like.

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