The Sage and the Moon

A wise old Sage in a space craft,
Headed for his lunar satellite,
He looked up at the stars and laughed,
His mission was to explore the night.

His eyes lit up with a twinkle of joy,
He’d leave the Earth and its noise,
An adventure to the moon was his ploy,
To find a place for his inner poise.

He’d sail through the Milky Way,
On a journey that was quite grand,
In a vehicle made of steel and clay,
He’d explore a new land.

In his pocket he had a map,
As he travelled through the night,
To a place where he could take a nap,
Where no one could cause him fright.

The wise old Sage no man could mock,
Had a plan to explore the moon,
He’d take a look at the lunar rock,
Enjoying his journey to a lunar dune.

A wise old Sage, his face all aglow,
Was walking on the moon’s white snow.
A peaceful sight to witness there,
A vision of an elder’s care.

He stepped with grace, with stride so light,
His spirit shone so very bright.
A hat of stars upon his head,
The moon’s reflection round his bed.

The man of wisdom went on his way,
No fear or worry on display.
He walked the night, his dreams in hand,
A light that never would disband.

The moon’s light guided him on his way,
The Sage’s wisdom, so wise and grey.
He walked so far, so silent and still,
The wise old Sage, his purpose to fulfil.

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2 thoughts on “The Sage and the Moon

  1. Wonderful, Andrew. I see you took me up on my idea. You really are turning out some excellent poetry these days. I just love the images of the Sage. I don’t know how you make them, but they are always brilliant and complement your poems so well. I always look forward to reading your work 😊.


    1. Aahhh thank you Ellie. I’m pleased you like it. Any suggestions welcome for the future. I still prefer researching the quotes but the poetry is both challenging and relaxing and your comments make it more than worth while.

      Liked by 1 person

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