Advice of the Day: Wipers

If you leave your wipers up, an officer won’t be able to leave a fine. Your money will be saved.

Here are some reported cases of large parking fines:

In London, UK, in 2019, a motorist was issued a fine of £160,000 (approximately $205,000 USD) for repeatedly parking in a designated doctor-only parking spot near a hospital.

In 2013, a man in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, was fined over $100,000 for repeatedly parking his car in a handicapped spot.

In 2018, a man in Moscow, Russia, was fined nearly $70,000 for repeatedly parking his car in a designated space for the disabled.

It’s important to note that these fines are exceptional cases and not the typical amount one would expect to pay for a parking violation! Park safely!

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3 thoughts on “Advice of the Day: Wipers

  1. I wish I could fine every driver I’ve seen parking in a disabled bay. I could use $70,000! Although I don’t drive a car, it really does make me cross when I see this. I’ve been in a friend’s car many times only to find someone parked in one of the very few designated places. Even when I’m travelling in my electric wheelchair, these inconsiderate people often block the dropped kerbs or access to the pavements. They’re particularly troublesome and very annoying in the Tesco car park near me. Some people have so little thought for others, sometimes less fortunate than themselves. Having said all that, I feel better now 😉.

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