Advice of the Day: Magnification

You can magnify your phone’s screen by putting it in a glass of water. This advice comes with a tongue-in-cheek warning! Putting your phone in a glass of water is not good advice for magnifying the screen. In fact, it can be extremely damaging to your phone. Submerging your phone in water can lead toContinue reading “Advice of the Day: Magnification”

Advice of the Day: Cats and Bags

Letting the cat out of the bag is a whole lot easier than putting it back in. This is a proverbial expression that conveys the idea that revealing a secret or sharing confidential information is much simpler and more effortless than trying to undo or reverse the consequences of that disclosure. The phrase uses theContinue reading “Advice of the Day: Cats and Bags”

Advice of the Day: Judgment

Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment. The quote “Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment” means that making mistakes and learning from them is an important part of gaining wisdom and developing good judgment. In other words, experience is oftenContinue reading “Advice of the Day: Judgment”

Advice of the Day: Sustenance

Always drink upstream from the herd. The metaphor “Always drink upstream from the herd” means that it is better to take preventative measures and avoid potential problems before they happen. The metaphor originates from the practice of cowboys and ranchers who would herd cattle across rivers or streams. The metaphor suggests that one should alwaysContinue reading “Advice of the Day: Sustenance”

Advice of the Day: Circumspection

Do not corner something that you know is meaner than you. You should never corner something that you know is meaner than you because it will likely react aggressively to defend itself. When an animal or a person feels trapped and threatened, they may lash out and attack as a form of self-preservation. This canContinue reading “Advice of the Day: Circumspection”

Advice of the Day: Silence

Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer. Silence is sometimes the best answer because it can prevent conflict. When we speak, we are often putting our own thoughts and feelings out there for others to see and hear. This can sometimes lead to conflict, especially if our thoughts and feelings are different from thoseContinue reading “Advice of the Day: Silence”

Advice of the Day: Ploughing

Life is simpler when you plough around the stump. The saying “Life is simpler when you plough around the stump” is a metaphor that means it is easier to avoid an obstacle than to confront it directly. The metaphor is derived from the practice of plowing a field with a team of horses, where stumpsContinue reading “Advice of the Day: Ploughing”

Advice of the Day: Bad Grades

When you get a bad grade in school, show it to your mom when she’s on the phone. Showing a bad grade to your mom while she is on the phone might not be the most effective way to communicate about your academic struggles, as she might be preoccupied with her phone conversation and notContinue reading “Advice of the Day: Bad Grades”

Advice of the Day: Dustbusters

Never hold a Dustbuster and a cat at the same time. You should never hold a Dustbuster and a cat at the same time because it can be dangerous for both you and the cat. The suction power of a Dustbuster can be strong enough to harm a cat, causing injury or discomfort. In addition,Continue reading “Advice of the Day: Dustbusters”

Advice of the Day: Pulling Fingers

“Never pull dad’s finger when he tells you to!” The phrase “pull my finger” is often used as a prank or joke, where the person whose finger is being pulled passes gas, causing a humorous or embarrassing situation. In the UK, as in many other cultures, this is generally considered impolite or vulgar behavior, especiallyContinue reading “Advice of the Day: Pulling Fingers”