The Sage sweeps the Chimney

A wise old Sage with hair so white,
In robes as pure as morning light,
Swept his chimney day and night,
To keep his hearth alight and bright.

With eyes that shone like shining stars,
He tended to his home with care,
For in its warmth and light and cheer,
He found contentment waiting there.

He swept the chimney with a broom,
And sang a song of ancient rhyme,
Of how to live a life of peace,
And how to make our spirits climb.

He spoke of love and hope and grace,
And how to find them in our heart,
Of how to let go of our fears,
And how to make a fresh new start.

So sweep your chimney, old and wise,
In robes as white as snow,
For in The Sage’s words we find,
The secrets of a life aglow.

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