The Sage and the Lion

A wise old Sage in white robes stood,
With lion fierce beside him, good.
He tamed the beast with gentle hand,
And wisdom to which understand.

With words of peace and calm control,
He guided lion’s heart and soul.
No longer fierce and filled with rage,
The lion now was calm and sage.

Together they walked through the land,
A bond between them, strong and grand.
The lion’s roar was now a purr,
As Sage and beast, they did concur.

And all who saw them were amazed,
At how the lion now was tamed.
For wisdom is a truly powerful thing,
And in The Sage’s heart, it did sing.

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3 thoughts on “The Sage and the Lion

  1. That’s a great poem again, Andrew. The Sage looks a tad worried in that photo; mind you, so would I be if I were that near a lion 😉! I love your poetry – how long does it take you to write one? Do you write them in advance? I can never manage to write in advance – I can only write when the inspiration hits.

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      1. It’s good that you can ‘bulk write,’ Andrew. I can never do that – I have to wait until an idea comes before I can write, and often, my fiction springs from something I’ve experienced in my life or the lives of others close to me. I did try the random word generator but couldn’t get the inspiration from it. I’m not giving up, though, and I may give it a try another time that I’m stumped 😊.

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