Advice of the Day: Staring

If you stared at something you dropped on the ground, eventually someone will pick it up for you.

I would love this to be true but I believe it is a myth! Looking at something dropped on the ground will not magically make someone pick it up for you. In fact, many people believe that if you stare at something you’ve dropped, it will just make it more awkward for someone else to pick it up for you. It is much better to simply ask for help from someone nearby.

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4 thoughts on “Advice of the Day: Staring

  1. If you need help from other people, always ask them politely.

    People like to be treated as important in every thing we do( human nature thing where we like feeling that we have importance to others).

    so when you do ask people to help you, always end your question with please. This will give people the chance to say yes or no, if you put the word please in any other place in the question ( i am talking about the English language here) it will give the feeling of you begging them.

    This is not respectful, it is insulting to think that ‘I’ would only help others if they begged for it.

    And when people have given you the help you wanted say thank you, this lets them know you appreciate the help given.

    If people say no( in a respectful manner) say thank you for letting me know, this lets the person know that you will continue to look for the help you need and lets them leave the situation without feeling guilty for not helping.

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      1. I have written an article that i called “theory of NO” and i talk about when to say no and my journey of having to learn it.

        So for me saying yes or no in any given situation is to be respected and I always try and say thank you, when i have said please.

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