The Sage gives a Policeman a Piggyback

A wise old Sage gave a piggyback
To a British policeman in a sack
He carried him away with a smile
For mile after mile after mile

The policeman was feeling quite perplexed
Who was this Sage, he had to guess
But he soon found out The Sage was wise
And his strength, he did not despise

The policeman was now in a state
From The Sage’s swift and steady gait
But he soon forgot his cares and woes
And was soon in a state of repose

The Sage, his strength he did not boast
But with each step, he made a toast
To the policeman, and his strong back
He carried him along the winding track

The policeman saw The Sage’s heart
And was thankful for being given a start
And vowed that he’ll always be humble and kind
For the wise old Sage had given him peace of mind.

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