The Sage and the Lightning

Once there was a wise old Sage
Whose knowledge filled the page
He roamed the earth, far and wide
His words of wisdom, never denied

One stormy night, he stood so still
With hands outstretched, atop a hill
He caught the lightning from the sky
Its power, he harnessed with a sigh

With his mind so sharp, and heart so true
He knew just what to do
The lightning’s energy he would store
And wisdom it became, for ever more

From that day on, he shone so bright
And all who saw him, felt the light
The lightning’s power, he would claim
And wisdom he’d impart, to all the same

So let us learn from this wise Sage
His knowledge will help us turn the page
With heart so pure, and mind so clear
His lessons now we all can cheer.

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