The Sage and the Polar Bear

There once was a wise old Sage
Whose wisdom knew no age
He roamed the land, so free and wild
His knowledge great, his nature mild

One day, he met a polar bear
Whose strength, he couldn’t compare
The bear challenged him to a race
Across the ice, at a rapid pace

The Sage smiled and took the bet
He knew he’d give his best yet
With his steps so light and quick
He set off on the icy slick

The polar bear, so strong and fast
Was sure to be the first to last
But The Sage, he had a plan
He used his wit, and his mind ran

With his mind so sharp, and heart so true
He knew just what he had to do
He found shortcuts, and took the lead
The polar bear, he couldn’t succeed

In the end, The Sage won the race
The polar bear, just couldn’t keep pace
So let us learn from this wise Sage
With knowledge and wit, will always engage.

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