The Sage and the Dolphin

A wise old Sage with a twinkle in his eye,
Decided to try something new under in the sky,
He mounted a dolphin with grace and with care,
And set off to surf, to who knew where.

The waves were high, but The Sage held on tight,
As the dolphin below, swam with all its might,
With every dip and every glide,
The Sage felt alive, on this magical ride.

They surfed all day, till the sun set in the west,
And The Sage knew, he’d truly been blessed,
For this experience, he’d never forget,
Surfing on a dolphin’s back, he’d not regret.

So let’s all learn, from this wise old Sage,
That life is an adventure, at every age,
Embrace the unknown, take a chance, be bold,
And you too, may find joy, beyond what you’re told.

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