The Sage and his Chihuahua

In a realm of wisdom, a Sage so bright,
In a robe of white, his aura alight.
With gentle hands, he holds a brush so fine,
A pet chihuahua, Marvin, his furry divine.

Marvin, the chihuahua, small and spry,
With gleaming eyes that twinkle like the sky.
A trusted companion, loyal and true,
Together they embark on a dental rendezvous.

In a cosy abode, where wisdom resides,
The Sage and Marvin, their bond never hides.
With a pink toothbrush, soft bristles in hand,
The Sage tends to Marvin, a ritual so grand.

With patience and care, The Sage begins,
Brushing Marvin’s teeth, removing life’s sins.
Each stroke, a loving touch, a tender caress,
Ensuring Marvin’s dental health is The Sage’s success.

The chihuahua, Marvin, sits still and calm,
Trusting The Sage’s touch, a soothing balm.
With each gentle sweep, a sparkling sheen,
Marvin’s teeth, pristine, like a diamond’s gleam.

The Sage imparts wisdom, words that transcend,
As the pink toothbrush dances, a message to send.
“Care for yourself, little Marvin, with love and grace,
For health is a treasure that time can’t erase.”

The bond between Sage and chihuahua grows,
As the toothbrush uncovers the secrets it knows.
Marvin’s wagging tail, a joyous refrain,
In The Sage’s presence, his worries are slain.

In this sacred act, a lesson is taught,
That even the smallest beings should never be naught.
The Sage and Marvin, a duo so divine,
Teaching love, care, and grace, in this moment in time.

So let the wise Sage, in his robe so bright,
Brush Marvin’s teeth, their hearts shining light.
For in this simple act, their connection is pure,
The Sage and his chihuahua, their bond will endure.

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