British Humour

I met a Dalek in the pub who claimed he was from Devon so I asked him “Whereabouts in Devon are you from mate ?”


I was telling a friend that I just got back from seeing a Charlie Chaplin movie in Devon.

He said “Torquay?”

I said “No it was a silent one.”

My mate told me about a fantastic campsite down south that I should go to after the lockdown

I said.. Endorse it?

Na.. She replied.. It’s in Devon..

I used to date a girl who loved to be covered in cheese.

She was a cracker.

What do a tick and the Eiffel Tower have in common?

They’re both Paris sites.

Studies show that atheists are more likely to own cats than Christians.

Because owning Christians isn’t legal, obviously.

Why is a German stone intelligent?

Because it’s not just a stone, it’s ein Stein.

My dad said he was going to set me up for life.

Of course, I was excited by the idea.

Until he blamed me for the murder he committed.

I was reading a book when my 5 year old nephew asked, “Why is that book so thick?”

I told him, “It’s a long story.”

Batman: “It’s been a long day. Alfred, please fill up the bathtub.”

Alfred: “Master Bruce, what’s a htub?”

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