The Sage and The Wrestling Monkey

A wise old man, with wisdom sage,
once met a monkey in a wrestling cage.
The monkey fierce, and muscle bound,
was ready for the fight, to astound.

The Sage approached him with a smile,
“Monkey, why do you grapple and pile?
Is it for fame, or wealth, the wish to devour?
Or is there something else you empower?”

The monkey looked at him with surprise,
He never thought of a man so wise.
“I do it for the thrill, the rush, the fight,
I do it to prove my strength and might.”

The Sage looked on with a steady gaze,
and said “My friend, your strength amaze.
But true power comes from within,
not just the force of your body’s spin.”

The monkey scratched his head in confusion,
not sure of The Sage’s conclusion.
“What do you mean, oh wise old Sage?
I thought my strength was the key to the cage.”

The Sage replied, “It’s true, you’re strong,
but true victory is where you belong.
In your heart, where courage dwells,
that’s where true power truly excels.”

The monkey thought about the Sage’s words,
and in that moment, his focus blurred.
He realized that The Sage was right,
and in his heart, true power would ignite.

With newfound strength, he left the ring,
and in that moment, his spirit did sing.
He left the match, with grace and might,
and now he knew, true victory was in sight.

The Sage and monkey parted ways,
but the lesson of The Sage will always stay
With the monkey, now wise and bold,
A story that will forever be told.

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