Advice of the Day: Sniffing

I don’t care how nice the hand soap smells, you should never walk out of the restroom sniffing your fingers.

It is generally not considered polite or appropriate to sniff your fingers in public, regardless of the context. Sniffing your fingers can be perceived as unhygienic, rude, or inappropriate, and may make other people uncomfortable or annoyed.

However, there may be some situations where sniffing your fingers is necessary or acceptable, such as if you have spilled a strong-smelling substance on your hands, or if you are testing a perfume or fragrance in a store. In these cases, it is important to do so discreetly and without drawing attention to yourself, and to use good hygiene practices like washing your hands afterwards if necessary.

Overall, it is advisable to avoid sniffing your fingers in public whenever possible and to use good judgement and common sense when deciding whether or not to do so in specific situations.

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