Advice of the Day: Dogs

Never trust a dog to watch your food

You should never trust a dog to watch your food because dogs are instinctually driven to eat food when they see it. Dogs have a keen sense of smell and are naturally attracted to food, especially if it smells good to them. Even a well-trained dog can be tempted to take a bite out of your food when you are not looking, particularly if it is left unattended or within reach.

Therefore, it’s best not to leave your food in the presence of a dog or any other pet, as it could potentially lead to them consuming something harmful or toxic. It’s important to always supervise your pets and keep your food out of their reach to prevent any unwanted mishaps.

Here are a few funny anecdotes about dogs eating strange things:

One dog owner came home to find that their dog had eaten an entire bag of marshmallows, including the bag itself. The dog was fine, but the owner was left with a big mess to clean up.

Another dog owner reported that their dog had eaten an entire tube of toothpaste. The dog was fine, but the owner had to call the veterinarian to make sure that the toothpaste wasn’t toxic.

A friend of mine once told me that her dog had eaten an entire loaf of bread, and then proceeded to “burp up” slices of bread for the rest of the day.

There’s a famous story about a Great Dane named Zeus who ate 43-and-a-half socks! The dog had to have surgery to remove the socks from his stomach, but he made a full recovery.

I once heard of a dog who ate an entire bag of fertilizer. The dog was fine, but the owner reported that the dog’s farts were particularly smelly for the next few days!

While these stories are certainly amusing, it’s important to remember that dogs eating strange things can be dangerous and even life-threatening in some cases. It’s always best to keep harmful substances out of their reach and to contact a veterinarian if you suspect that your dog has ingested something toxic.

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6 thoughts on “Advice of the Day: Dogs

  1. I saw a meme that said, “Why is it I can trust my dog to guard my house, but not my sandwich?”
    And it is Excellent advice to not leave food where pets can get it because sometimes things that are not toxic to us are to them.

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  2. One Easter many moons ago, our kids complained that they couldn’t find any eggs in the garden.

    The mystery was solved a day or so later when I spotted dog turds containing brightly coloured tinfoil on the lawn !

    Not surprisingly- the dog’s name was “Lucky”.

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