Advice of the Day: Dustbusters

Never hold a Dustbuster and a cat at the same time.

You should never hold a Dustbuster and a cat at the same time because it can be dangerous for both you and the cat. The suction power of a Dustbuster can be strong enough to harm a cat, causing injury or discomfort. In addition, the noise and vibration of the Dustbuster can startle the cat, causing it to become scared or aggressive. This can result in the cat scratching or biting you, or trying to run away, which can also cause injury to the cat or damage to your surroundings. It’s important to keep your pets safe by avoiding situations that could harm them and to use cleaning tools responsibly and appropriately.

The Dustbuster is a handheld vacuum cleaner designed for quick and easy cleanups. It was invented in 1979 by Black & Decker, a Maryland-based company that specializes in power tools and home improvement products.

The inspiration for the Dustbuster came from a NASA engineer named Carroll Gantz, who was asked by Black & Decker to design a portable, battery-operated vacuum cleaner. Gantz had previously worked on designing a battery-powered drill for NASA’s Apollo moon landing program, which gave him the expertise to design a small, lightweight vacuum cleaner.

The first Dustbuster was released in 1979 and quickly became a popular household item. The original Dustbuster was designed with a rechargeable battery, which made it convenient and easy to use. Over the years, Black & Decker has continued to innovate and improve the design of the Dustbuster, adding features such as a detachable hose and improved battery life.

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