The Sage invents Bingo

Once upon a time, in a land far away,
Lived a wise old Sage, known for his wit and his sway,
He sat and thought until an idea to him came,
And he said aloud, “Why not invent a new game?”

With a spark in his eye and a smile on his face,
He set out to craft a game that was fun and embraced,
He pondered and thought, then he grabbed his quill,
And began to write, the rules of a brand new thrill.

He called it Bingo, a name that was bright,
A game of chance, where luck was the light,
With numbers and letters, and a card to mark,
It quickly became, a game that was hot in the park.

And so The Sage sat, and watched with delight,
As the players shouted “Bingo!” in the warm summer night,
The wise old sage had crafted a game,
That would bring joy and fun, with no one to blame.

The wise old Sage with hair of grey,
Has landed a fabulous new job today,
His wisdom still true, no longer just a Sage,
As a bingo caller, his voice will now engage,

With microphone in hand and a smile on his face,
He takes to the stage with a new found grace,
He calls out the numbers like a seasoned bard,
That players can’t help but respond and mark their card.

“B-7, N-35, and I-26,” he’ll say,
And players will shout, “That’s my lucky day!”
With every call, his reputation will grow,
And soon, he’ll be the best bingo caller you know!

So let’s give a cheer, for this wise old Sage,
And wish him all the luck that he will engage,
In this new career, he will never waver,
He’ll bring joy and fun for us all to savour!

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