The Sage and the Mouse

There was an old Sage so wise,
Who had a friend of a small size,
A little mouse, with eyes so bright,
Who visited him every night.

The Sage would share his cheese,
And the mouse would nibble with ease,
They’d sit together, side by side,
And enjoy the cheese with great pride.

The Sage would tell the mouse his tales,
Of wisdom and truth that never fails,
And the mouse would listen with great attention,
To everything The Sage’s would mention.

The mouse would ask, “What is the key,
To living a life that’s happy and free?”
The Sage would say, “It’s simple, my friend,
Just be kind and love to the end.”

And so, they shared their cheese and company,
With the greatest of cheer and never grumpy,
The wise old Sage and his tiny friend,
Living in harmony, until the end.

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