Mid Week Jokes

I’ve recently been listening to the audio book version of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ read by Robert De Niro… It’s Tolkein Italian… Our local chiropodist has been arrested as he keeps stealing small pieces of nail after treating patients. He’s a clipped toe maniac… Someone asked me if I could name any famous Syrians.Continue reading “Mid Week Jokes”

Some Jokes for Tuesday.

Please remember, for every Rich Tea biscuit, there are currently thousands of tea biscuits living in poverty… My wife and I met on a website for dolphin impersonators. We clicked straight away. If you don’t sniff the air and go ‘Ooh – someone’s having a barbecue!’, are you even British?! Doctor: Your DNA is backwards.Continue reading “Some Jokes for Tuesday.”

Some Jokes for Monday.

I’ve got this awful disease where I can’t stop telling airport jokes. The doctor says it’s terminal. I said to my boss, “Boss, can I have a week off around Christmas?” He said, “It’s May.” I said, “Sorry. May I have a week off around Christmas?” Just ordered a takeaway from the local Chinese. IContinue reading “Some Jokes for Monday.”